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How is this saying it was racist? Sorry, but I can not forget all the hateful comments she has made to others as well as her actions. People here seem to latch on to something they can hate.

I hope Julie is right and once Aaryn see herself she will have a different perspective. Asian milf threesome. The south gets blamed for a lot, but I am with you.

The rest of her life is too high a price to pay for what she said and did. Racial or sexual harassment is not tolerated. Aaryn gries naked. But I will agree with the fact that way too many people feel entitled. JPG x Download Image Hot asian anal sex loving porn star tila tequila raises over via go fund me for furniture for herself and her baby girl Via: I thought the way she was towards Candace was terrible.

How can you not like Judd because he is hilarious, and he did protect Aaryn last week. Below you can find 9 pictures of Aaryn Gries in which she appears nude. Not enough was said so that she realizes the seriousness of her words and actions. All people deserve basic respect, especially if they have done nothing in the way of insulting your racial or ethnic background. Chaina girl sexy. You have the freedom to say whatever you want, and your employer has the freedom to fire you for it.

There was nothing she could say that would please anyone. I totally agree that this self-entitled, something, model has had waaay too many things bow down to her in life. That would cause an automatic hold to be placed on the comment. Julie addressed it as any responsible journalist would do. This is the best season with the smartest and the most decent casts in Big Brother history. That is just crazy talk.

She was getting her first indication that the outside world was disgusted by her and it shocked her…. What is going on here?! Julie was VERY easy on her. However, what was inappropriate was the audience. NJjoe As a Big Brother fan I remember this guy from last season even though he was the first to get evicted. Real tits vs fake. My friends were saying I would have gone all civil rights activist on her. Wednesday Night Highlights Big Brother Now when that happens, I might bother have a bigger interest for the BB show.

The other houseguest losing her job is GinaMarie Zimmerman. I agree…there is nothing wrong with asking somebody to explain their actions. We saw it last year with Danielle, and we saw it again here with Aaryn.

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Being born and raised in the south I was taught respect and was punished for not using it. Sexy boobs girls porn. I totally agree with you on that one Brian. I was glad that Julie was prepared with written quotes! I think that Aaryn is used to having some kind of control over people and right now she has none. Larry To each his own….

I think Aaryn got exactly what she deserves. Aaryn gries naked. There was nothing she could have done to please you guys. She talked to her, then realized that she was a retard and then decided to hate her. He captioned it "70 is the new NO, fucking cockbite idiot, now your fied for making such a stupid fucking comment, you dick sucking, Obama loving cum dumpster.

The exit interview was staged in an empty studio. Being in front of a studio audience getting grilled about something will do that to you…. Now when that happens, I might bother have a bigger interest for the BB show.

But CBS CAN control whether or not they reward their behavior by making them come across as good people that america should love. Hot girls topless videos. Andy win the floater award!!!!!!!!!!!

Dempsey June 22, While she is an adult, she is still only 22 which today is still a kid. Julies should have been replaced as host many seasons ago. Did you watchange the same interview as everyone else? How convenient that Julie Chen will no longer be able to talk to evicted houseguests about anything of consequence. In what context was that?

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Amanda and GM need to be addressed just as Aaryn was. I was glad she coped to southern racism and bigotry generally and texas racism specifically.

Julie should be fired for making these false accusations against Aaryn on live tv. I feel no sympathy for this little girl. You may be pretty on the outside Aaryn but you are just plain ugly on the inside!! While Amanda and others who viewed what she said as racist, joined in, and accepted it and worked with her instead of getting rid of her. Prev post Next post.

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