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Sign up to RedTube for free so that you can:. I just realised, if she is correct with her timeline. Sexy lesbians humping hard. Markiplier naked fakes. He stopped kissing you and laid his head on your chest. Oh geez you are right and that makes it all the more obvious that Mark would want her to stop, and that he would stop replying to her as a way to try to end the problem.

Surprised she hasn't been reported to tumblr and banned because the staff gets weird about stuff like this. Why would you do that? Some chick just trying to get attention and using a popular internet personality to do it. I actually did read something today that someone posted saying "Remember that your heroes are people too and sometimes they say things that don't come across the same they think it does and they don't mean to hurt your feelings and they don't know what you're going through, but they do have a lot on their plates" etc etc He was probably super tired though, like PAXed out, y'know?

These girls would be just as disturbed if they were on the other end of this and they can't see how it's exactly the same.

He felt so utterly tired, it was like torture just being awake. Wilford and Dark followed shortly after. Same goes for me - I saw a lot of Tumblr questioning her and not believing her story, before Mark had even replied to it. You were about to protest some more, but he took hold of your lips and everything you were going to say just disappeared from your mind. Milf ass lingerie. It's so hard to take feminism seriously anymore, at least for me. Please don't mistake my response to this whole thing as any sort of judgment on you or any of the other people who are sticking up for Mark in all of this!

I've seen this girl in like other fandom tags on Tumblr trying to start shit. On a side note, I completely respect and appreciate Mark's level headed response to this. I turn 20 in March. Yeah, she definitely has some kind of something going on in that brain of hers.

Do we wait for them to finish their sexual intercourse? It doesn't make the people who are telling this girl to kill herself good people. Don't get me wrong - I'm a vague Rooster Teeth fan but her priorities, man. Someone found her twitter page and so I just went to see it, just to check it out, and her tagline is literally. She WAS under age even though she is denying it while sending these pictures to Mark. BTW - Love your username: Nothing could ruin this moment.

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All I feel like I can add to it is a thumbs up to all the people sharing their opinions in any way that does some good for the situation. BUT at some point mark clearly decided he was no longer comfortable with this girl sending him nudes and stopped replying. Pitch perfect nude pics. Markiplier naked fakes. She just went "Welp okay, back to normal blogging schedule. Originally posted by septicjacks.

It may be cramped but we are safe. I'm keeping an eye on her twitter just to make sure she doesn't do anything wacky i. If I made an account and some stranger started sending me pics of his junk, would that be my fault, because I said I was interested in meeting guys? That she deserves an apology. She then started freaking out on tumblr because she is depressed and was talking about committing suicide and this is why you should never meet your heroes, blah blah blah.

If Mark did see these pictures and yadda, she shouldnt have sent them in the first place. In an insomnia driven boredom currently 4am i decided to search Reddit and see if he had an AMA and stumbled on this. I'm patiently awaiting her response and watching her page. Genuine nude pics leaked. Sign Up For Free. If ever there was a time to start practicing what we all admire Mark for preaching so much, it's now.

Thankfully, everyone I follow on Tumblr was rational and able to see how absolutely ridiculous and sketch her story sounded. There's just this crazy lack of self awareness in people all of a sudden, I can't understand it. He replied with a silly selfie and I was on cloud nine all day but too shy to send anything else.

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On a side note, I completely respect and appreciate Mark's level headed response to this. She WAS under age even though she is denying it while sending these pictures to Mark. Dude, I had no idea that anyone had an attack because of it! It is good to know, however, that this community contains some very kind people who will stand up to. I know he never reads the subreddit but. Lesbian bondage group. He hates it Lots of things wrong with this: In all reality he was the one sexually harassed.

My personal opinions on her accusations aside summary: Please do not post new topics for game suggestions. If anyone is looking in the mirror today and hating what they see - you're beautiful.

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